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Daniels ranks 20th on list of socially-responsible MBA programs

The University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business demonstrated “significant leadership in integrating social, environmental and ethical issues in its MBA program,” according to the Aspen Institute’s 2009–10 edition of Beyond Grey Pinstripes, a biennial survey and alternative ranking of business schools.

The survey, released Oct. 21, ranked Daniels 20th on a list of the top-100 business schools. This year, 149 business schools from 24 countries participated in the rankings program.

“In these challenging economic times, the general public, not just scholars, are questioning whether the established models of business are broken,” says Rich Leimsider, director of the Aspen Institute’s Center for Business Education. “Beyond Grey Pinstripes schools are thoughtfully pursuing new approaches. They are preparing students who take a more holistic view of business success, one that measures financial results as well as social and environmental impacts.”

Unlike other rankings, Beyond Grey Pinstripes examines how well schools prepare students for modern-day business. Programs were assessed on a number of areas, including the availability of relevant courses, the number of courses that address the intersection of social impact management with for-profit business and the level of faculty research dedicated to environmental or ethical content.

“At Daniels, we believe that business should have a higher purpose, and profitable business practices can also have a positive impact on the world,” said Christine Riordan, dean of the Daniels College of Business. “While we have a century-old tradition of rigorous academics, courses on business ethics are required and are at the very heart of the college. And the cornerstones of the Daniels experience are the critical thinking skills needed to make a difference in the future of business.”

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