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DU Bookstore introduces textbook rental program

Students’ days of having to purchas expensive textbooks or waste time scouring the Internet to find the best deals are officially over.

The DU Bookstore recently implemented a textbook rental program that allows students to rent textbooks for an academic quarter at up to 50 percent off the cost of purchasing new books.

Hundreds of textbooks are available for rental, according to a statement from the bookstore.

“Textbook affordability is a key concern for many college students,” says Marty Neary, the bookstore’s textbook manager. “They are searching for quality textbooks at affordable rates. Many students have turned to the Internet searching for lower-priced textbooks. We are offering students an option for lower textbook prices within the local campus bookstore.

“By renting textbooks through the DU Bookstore, students will save a considerable amount of money and are assured [they get] the correct book without having to search all over looking for the best deal. In the end, students will save both time and money.”

Each textbook available for rental has a purchase price and a rental price. When students check out, they can choose to purchase or rent the books. With a rental, students return the books to the bookstore by a due date, which is usually at the end of finals. Students must return books on time and in resalable condition or fees may apply. The program will continue in future quarters, which will keep rental costs low.

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