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Korbel’s Center for the Study of Europe and the World hosts Andrea Herrmann lecture

The Josef Korbel School of International StudiesCenter for the Study of Europe and the World (CSEW) has launched a three-year collaboration with the University of Colorado’s Colorado European Union Center of Excellence (CEUCE).

The venture aims to promote research, reflection and policy analysis on a series of European and transatlantic relations issues. CSEW and CEUCE will host a number of conferences and speakers over the next three years.

The center is co-directed by Korbel School professors Rachel Epstein and Martin Rhodes. Together their experience covers many topics, ranging from comparative politics and comparative political economy to international relations.

The center’s first event was a talk in January by John Kornblum, a former U.S. diplomat who has been at the center of some of the most significant international developments of recent decades, including negotiations for the post-Cold War security framework for Europe.

During the talk, Kornblum spoke about the importance of Europe even as leaders debate the future of the European Union.

“This battle over the future of Europe is very fundamental for the United States because it will determine the shape of our European partner and define the future of a zone of functioning democracies,” Kornblum said.

The center’s next event is a March 26 lecture by Andrea Herrmann, a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Public Policy at Columbia University and an assistant professor at the Innovation Studies Group of Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Starting at noon, Herrmann will speak on “Do Americans and Germans Create Firms Differently? How Institutions Influence Venture Creation Processes.’’

The lecture will be held in Ben Cherrington Hall, Room 301. Pizza will be served; no registration is required.

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