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State law publication recognizes DU law blog

The University of Denver-based corporate governance blog The Race to the Bottom ( has earned its share of respect. It’s cited regularly in other blogs and mainstream media publications when it comes to dissecting the shadowy world of the C-Suite and Board Room.

From CEO pay to cooking the books, DU Sturm College of Law professor J. Robert “Jay” Brown and students have examined the workings of corporate America. This summer, the blog earned a new honor, recognition from the trade publication Law Week Colorado as Best Law Blog.

The August 24 issue of the statewide publication aimed at the legal community was the annual “Barrister’s Best,” offering kudus in categories from Best Overall Litigator to Best Tweeting Lawyer (referring to the social media communication tool Twitter).

Here’s what Law Week had to say about Brown’s blog: “It gives you something more substantial to read after you’ve gotten your daily schadenfreude fix at (New York-based blog) Above the Law. Though Race to the Bottom’s main focus is corporate governance, few blogs or newspapers have explored the (Qwest CEO Joe) Nacchio and (embattled University of Colorado professor Ward) Churchill trials from as many angles.”

Race to the Bottom posts also have been picked up by mainstream news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Reuters and BusinessWeek.

Brown says the blog strives to both educate the public and the students who participate in the writing.

“Law blogs are a unique way to participate in the legal debate from anywhere in the country. The Race to the Bottom makes no effort to be first in reporting a development but does make certain that the content is unique and adds something to the debate,” Brown says. “As a result, the posts are regularly repeated or cited in other blogs, law review articles, briefs, and even in one judicial opinion. Students participate because they develop higher levels of expertise in business law subjects, they improve their writing skills, and they get greater attention from prospective employers who are familiar with The Race to the Bottom.”

Race to the Bottom isn’t the only blog coming out of the Sturm College of Law.

Don Smith, director of environmental and natural resources law, oversees a blog called Environment in the 21st Century: Environment 21. The blog covers a broad range of issues from Chinese corporate social responsibility to mining law. A product of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Graduate Program, it’s online at

DU lecturer Susannah Pollvogt’s blog Thriving in Law School ( offers links and commentary on academic achievement issues and a place for students to ask questions and seek guidance.

Professor David Thomson’s blog Law School 2.0 ( reflects on issues involving administrative law, law school and the legal process.

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