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Sturm College of Law adds master of legal studies program

The University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law has added another degree to its curricular roster. The Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program, which can completed in as little as one year, is designed for graduate students and professionals whose careers would be enriched by the study of law, the legal system and legal reasoning.

Ideal candidates for the MLS are graduate students in other disciplines, such as political science, international studies, business and engineering, and professionals in a variety of fields, including journalism, business and human resources.

The MLS degree will help individuals advance within their professions and enable graduates to effectively interact with lawyers, think critically about organizations and their governing legal structures, and understand the legal, legislative and regulatory landscapes in which they operate.

“As a business manager and owner working in both domestic and international markets, a firm foundation in law — contracts, dispute resolution, customs and trade regimes, etc. — would have eased my operational struggles,” says MLS student W. Ryan Talmage. “As I move forward, the education I will gain in the Master of Legal Studies program will allow me to excel in my current position and grant me the ability to succeed in domestically and internationally focused situations.”



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