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Summer graduates have obligation ‘to make a difference’

As hundreds of graduates prepare to take their newly minted degrees into the world at Friday’s Commencement, they will be reminded they will be picking up something in addition to a diploma when they cross the stage: an obligation.

Ved Nanda, a Sturm College of Law professor renowned for his work on human rights and international law, will deliver the Commencement address. He says his message will be simple, but important.

“My message to these new graduates is very simple,” he says. “They have had the privilege of higher education and been given an opportunity that so many around the world do not have. For that, much will be expected of them.”

Nanda, who has seen first-hand the ravages of poverty and ignorance, says graduates owe it to themselves and to the world to make the most of the degrees they are completing this week.

“There is a great legacy that the University of Denver has, and there are a great number of graduates who have made their mark on the world with their life, who have given selflessly and done what they could to make the world a better place,” Nanda says. “Each one of these new graduates can also make a difference. Every individual is important. Our future belongs to them, and we expect them to go into the world and make a difference.”

Some 280 graduate and 60 undergraduate students will accept their degrees in the ceremony. Many more are eligible, but final numbers won’t be known until after the event.

The Commencement ceremony will start at 8:30 a.m. on the Carnegie Green, south of the Magery Reed Building and west of the Daniels College of Business. The ceremony will be available live via streaming video at

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