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Women’s College announces new scholarships

The Women’s College (TWC) at DU recently added several new scholarships.

Military spouses are encouraged to apply for the Military Spouses Scholarship and can combine this scholarship with other military education benefits.

The Community College Success Scholarship is available to Colorado residents transferring to TWC from an accredited community college.

Additionally, TWC’s Vision Scholarship, in partnership with the Women’s Vision Foundation, encourages and empowers women to continue their education. The half-tuition scholarships are offered to women seeking their first bachelor’s degree.

Nancy Hemming, TWC’s director of external relations, says the majority of the college’s students are balancing work, family and school.

“We offer convenient evening and weekend classes in career-relevant topics such as business administration, communication, information technology and law and society,” Hemming says. “TWC wants to educate the next generation of women leaders. Through the many merit-based and financial need scholarships and assistance programs, we can offer women the opportunity   to achieve their goals.”

TWC student Kymbal Lindsay, a sophomore studying law and society, has been a Vision Scholar since 2007. Lindsay says the scholarship has helped her pursue her dream of attaining a degree.

“After successfully raising four sons and watching two of them graduate from college, I realized that I still had the desire to complete my unfinished degree,” Lindsay says. “Attending the Women’s College and receiving a Vision scholarship has given me confidence and strength to believe in myself. I am convinced that there will be endless possibilities for me to use my education to help other women and my community.”

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