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Alum David Eichenstein gets taste of fame on ‘Today’ show feature

Few people know what it’s like to compete on live television. The studio lights are blinding, and millions of viewers watch your every move. In February, NBC Sports intern David Eichenstein, BA psychology ’04, tasted the limelight for himself when he starred in “The Intern,” a Today Show feature modeled after the hit TV series The Apprentice.

On The Intern, two teams of NBC interns competed by completing a variety of assignments, including sorting through the studio’s mail to find a story idea, which they then pitched. Each day, one intern was “fired” from the show. The prize for the four winners: a special assignment with The Today Show.

“I had no interest at first, but my bosses said I should do it. So, I auditioned,” recalls Eichenstein, who made it to the second-to-last round before being fired. “I told them I wanted Dick Ebersol’s job [as chairman of NBC sports]. I think they liked my ambition.

“I was never conscious of the viewers,” Eichenstein notes. “I just did the best job I could.” Although he didn’t win, Eichenstein gained a lot of exposure, which he hopes will lead to job opportunities.

For now, Eichenstein continues to learn from his internship with NBC Sports, where he conducts research, works with the business development staff to create promotional materials and books talent for a weekend sports show. “I see this as my own personal grad school for TV,” he says, noting that his goal is to become the executive producer of NBC Sports on his way to the chairmanship. “I am learning the ins and outs of how things work at the major-league level.

“If you want to be successful in this business,” Eichenstein adds, “the most important tools are hard work, persistence and being in the right place at the right time.”




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