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Alumnus Chris Kane a Troubleshooter in training

Chris Kane cohosts the weekly Tom Martino Troubleshooter Show.

The light outside the studio door glows red, illuminating the words ON AIR. Inside the darkened room, a headphoned young man deftly pulls the microphone forward and announces, “Good morning Colorado, and welcome to the Troubleshooter Sunday Show. My name is Chris Kane, and I am your Sunday Troubleshooter.”

Eighteen years ago, Kane, BSBA ’91, MRCM ’92, packed a duffel bag and headed to his college of choice, the University of Denver. “I wanted to own a restaurant and a hotel. I figured a degree in hotel and restaurant management was the ticket,” he says. “And besides, Denver looked like a great place to live.”

One Mexican hotel and a Denver restaurant later, Kane began work on a new project: a home repair and remodeling referral service. Recognizing the power of radio advertising, Kane headed to the hottest show in town, the Tom Martino Troubleshooter Show (a consumer call-in talk show), to promote his business.

After selling his referral business, Kane approached Martino with the idea of launching a troubleshooter referral list that would provide consumers access to approved businesses. “Tom liked the idea,” Kane says. “He already had the Web site, the recognition and the reputation. I just facilitated the success of the referral list.”

One-part timing and three-parts hard work found Kane, nine years later, co-hosting the weekly Troubleshooter Show, which is nationally syndicated and aired locally on KHOW AM 630. He also hosts the Colorado-only Sunday edition and is being groomed to take over when Martino retires. “This is like an MBA in broadcasting,” Kane says.

A recent caller to Kane’s Sunday show asked for the formula to success. “Pick something you love to do, work hard and stick with it long enough to become successful,” Kane replied.

Chris Kane knows how to take his own advice.

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