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Life’s a kick for Rapids player Nat Borchers

Nat Borchers

It’s rare for a DU alumnus to gain a fan club in his first job, but Nat Borchers did.

With dual accounting degrees, Borchers, BSAcc and MA ’04, would probably have to produce some sizable tax returns to land a fan club. But Borchers isn’t putting numbers on paper. He’s putting them on scoreboards.

Borchers plays professional soccer for the Colorado Rapids. And when soccer players score—especially defenders like Borchers—fans take notice. His fan club—dubbed Borchers’ Brew Crew—is made up of DU’s current soccer team and former Pioneers soccer teammates.

“They are probably the best fans in the stadium, and they are all my best friends,”

Borchers says. “They’re at every game I play just ranting and raving at the other team. They take credit for causing an opposing goalkeeper to have a terrible game last season.”

Borchers, who’s played for the Rapids since 2003, says his fans “enjoy my career because they are a part of why I’ve been so successful. They never let me forget that, either.”

Despite all the fun and success on the soccer field, Borchers is keeping a foot in accounting with a part-time tax business “to stay sharp there.”

“I know soccer can’t last forever, but I am going to keep playing as long as I enjoy the game,” he says. Borchers admits he’s lucky to have a great job right out of college.

“I see many of my friends in jobs that they absolutely hate,” he says. “My advice? I would tell them to go after something they enjoy doing. It’s not about the money, because if you do what you love, that part will take care of itself.”

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