Articles written by: Doug McPherson

New course puts students face to face with the challenges facing people and animals

A new University of Denver travel-abroad course — Social Work in Kenya: Context, Empowerment, and Sustainability — introduced graduate students to the complexities facing conservation efforts for the protection of animals and people living in economic poverty, though rich in cultural heritage, last quarter. The course, inaugurated by DU’s Graduate […]

Justice O’Connor partners with DU institute to reform judicial selection

Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System will be initiative’s home base.

Student grilling group smokes the competition

Students who know about the University of Denver Grilling Society (DUGS) typically fall in one of two groups: They’re either members, or they’re hungry. DUGS is a student-run catering company with about 20 members who love to cook and grill. The society was started in May 2007 by a group […]

Alumnus worked with lawmakers to pass the Leonard Kravitz Jewish War Veterans Act

Mitchel Libman still cries when he talks about his friend Leonard Kravitz. Libman (BA ’53) and Kravitz (the uncle and namesake of rock musician Lenny Kravitz) grew up together in Crown Heights, a largely Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y. “Lenny was always there when you needed a friend,” says Libman, […]

DU sign maker is third-generation staffer

Working at the University of Denver just seemed natural to Dave Ostrom because he’d been around the school most of his life. As young boy, Ostrom’s grandfather, John Ostrom, would usher him around campus to different events. “He’d take me to almost all of the hockey games and let me […]

DU student learns life (saving) lessons from tae kwon do

Megan Westervelt had always thought the world was fairly harmless. That changed abruptly in 2006 — when two men accosted her while she was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They followed her into her apartment building lobby early one evening and cornered her by an elevator. “They were yelling in […]

Lewises inseparable in name and much more

Their looks are about the only thing they don’t have in common. Rob is white and 6-foot, 7-inches tall. Kyle is black and 5-foot, 11-inches tall. They even have the same last name: Lewis. They both love basketball and play for the University of Denver Pioneers. They’re both Coloradans. They […]

Daniels Fund scholarship winner seeks to become ‘a man of value’

When Sam Granados was a sixth grader at Lake Middle School in Denver, his grades were low and his motivation to do any better was even lower. “My early life was vague, I don’t remember doing much good in middle school,” says Granados, who won a Daniels Fund scholarship to […]

Alumna named first Hispanic president of American Library Association

Camila Alire (MLS ’74) fondly remembers her first experience in a library. “I was in grade school, and I went with my friend who had a library card,” Alire says. “The first book I ever checked out was The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.” Today, Alire is the […]

Students find community in taekwondo club

Students find community in taekwondo club

Fights among students at DU usually are not tolerated, but every once in a while they’re actually encouraged. At Club Taekwondo, one of DU’s 28 club sports groups, they’re a regular occurrence. Sure, it’s all just sparring—students blowing off a little academic stress and steam (actually they call it “soft […]

Life is anything but downhill for Ferries

Even though Chuck Ferries has spent much of his life racing down mountains, his life has been anything but downhill. “I’ve done pretty much whatever I wanted to do my whole life, so I guess you’d say I was free-spirited,” says Ferries, a Pioneers skier who helped lead the 1961 […]

Piano professor feeling the music again

Ted Lichtmann said when he retired from DU’s Lamont School of Music in 2007 after 37 years of teaching, “musicians cannot really retire.” Indeed. After the classroom, Lichtmann continued to play recitals to the delight of many. But then he faced the sound that haunts musicians the most: silence. Debilitating […]

Marathons help alumnus face tough economic times

To Arnold Whitman (BA ’75), running a marathon and running a business are nearly one and the same. “Especially during these difficult economic times, in both cases the name of the game is endurance,” says Whitman, CEO of Formation Capital, an equity investment and asset management company in the senior […]

Alumnus endows scholarship fund

Growing up on the plains of West Texas, Houston Harte (BSBA ’83) was surrounded by a dusty horizon, long, flat stretches of cotton and oil fields, and philanthropy. “Giving was just part of my family,” says Harte, who now lives in Santa Barbara, Calif., as a semi-retired investor. “My grandparents […]

Alumni bring East and West together – with smiles

Like many people, Jon Niermann and Stacey (Strahs) Niermann (BSBA ’88) think the world could use a few more smiles. So they’ve decided to do something about that: create a David Letterman-style talk show that Jon will host called “Asia Uncut.” “‘Asia Uncut’ is truly West meets East,” Niermann says. […]