Articles written by: Doug McPherson

Alumnus digs owning Breckenridge’s Country Boy Mine

Alumnus digs owning Breckenridge’s Country Boy Mine

Some people spend their whole lives looking for their proverbial pot of gold. Others just buy a gold mine. Meet Paul Hintgen (BSBA ’86), the owner of Country Boy Mine in Breckenridge, Colo. It was established in 1887, and it’s the only mine with an underground tour in Summit County. […]

Lacrosse player sets all-time DU scoring records

Karen Morton is leaving the University of Denver, but she’s also leaving her mark. In April, the graduating senior and women’s lacrosse senior midfielder entered her name in the DU record books as the school’s all-time goal scorer — a staggering 188. “Now that I’m finished playing at DU, it’s […]

Soccer standout scores spot on national team

Sam Garza vividly remembers scoring his very first goal in soccer. “Right after I scored, I just started running all over the field, laughing and jumping and waving my arms,” says Garza, a freshman standout on the DU men’s soccer team. That first goal came not long after he first […]

DU student witnesses ‘monumental moment’ in D.C.

She describes it as a “monumental moment in our nation’s history.” And she was there to see it in person. Lindsay Lamb, a junior statistics major, was one of the two-million-plus folks who witnessed President Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 20. “It [Obama’s election] has opened doors […]

Alumnus brings ballooning prices down to earth

Not many can say they’ve helped others reach the sky. John Kugler (BSBA ’80) can. An avid hot air balloonist from McCook, Neb., Kugler has put the hobby within reach for many more folks by refining an old way to utilize alternative lifting gasses and build the massive orbs. When […]

DU huddles high school students to solve world’s pressing problems

If President Barack Obama’s foreign policy hits any snags, he might consider a visit to the University of Denver for advice. That’s where nearly 300 high school students will gather March 7 to compete in solving some of the world’s most pressing problems (the global economy, alternative energy, human migration […]

Giving a part of life for Houston Harte

Growing up on the plains of West Texas, Houston Harte (BSBA ’83) was surrounded by a dusty horizon, long, flat stretches of cotton and oil fields and — philanthropy. “Giving was just part of my family,” says Harte, who now lives in Santa Barbara, Calif., as a semi-retired investor. “My […]

DU alumnus shoots for (and hits) the stars

Few can say they were flying before they were driving. Meet Thomas Jasin (MS electrical engineering ’73). By age 14, he had already flown solo, two full years before he got his student driver’s permit. “Ever since I can remember I loved everything about aviation: the sights, the smells and […]

RFK Jr. spreads the word on green

Author, activist and environmental advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told a standing-room-only crowd in DU’s June Swaner Gates Concert Hall that Colorado should be the flagship state for renewable energy. And he offered a glimpse into the way he sees the future without dependence on foreign oil. “Colorado is well […]

Alumnus says students should work abroad

Rodney Broome (MTEL ’96) believes University of Denver students should get out of the country. “I would advise any student to work abroad for some part of their careers,” says Broome, who’s now in Kabul, Afghanistan, working for MPRI, a U.S.-based company that’s helping train the Afghan national army. And […]

Lawyer seeks alternative to prisons

Sometimes where you grow up can make a big difference in your life. Exhibit one: Hannah Seigel (BA English, gender and women’s studies ’04), who grew up in a small town in Alaska called Seward. Its main industry? A maximum security prison. Seigel’s profession today: a Colorado deputy public defender. […]

Alumnus an expert on personal finance for youth

Joshua Holmberg (MBA ’98) is doing his part to help tomorrow’s generation avoid the financial problems plaguing today’s adults. How? He wrote The Teen’s Guide to Personal Finance: Basic concepts in personal finance every teen should know (iUniverse, 2008). Within the first three months of its release, it became a […]

At 21, DU’s oldest player leads nation’s youngest team

You could say Nate Rohnert is a junior and a senior. At the ripe old age of 21, Rohnert is the oldest player on the Pioneers‘ basketball team — clearly senior status. Academically, he’s a junior, one of only two on the team, which has no seniors. That makes the […]

Professor’s new book rich in data on poverty

One billion human beings live on less than $1 a day. Not surprisingly, social scientists say that categorizes them as officially living in what’s called extreme poverty. But there’s good news in a new book, Patterns of Potential Human Progress: Reducing Global Poverty, by Barry Hughes, a professor in the […]

Professor to President: Engage countries where U.S. interests lie

Jack Donnelly, a professor of human rights at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, wants to see President Barack Obama talking with countries where the United States has interests. “I’d like to see the president and his administration engage with those countries that were […]