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Asbury carnival puts the ‘fun’ in fundraising

Once upon a time, elementary school carnivals raised money for extras like playground equipment. Today, they raise money for essentials like salaries.

The $11,000 that the Asbury PTA comes up with each year goes to pay for a teacher’s aide and a counselor, says Heather Gerson, PTA president, and the annual carnival is one of the biggest sources of those funds. So, supporting Thursday evening’s annual carnival is more than just a chance to munch on tamales and pizza, compete in the cake walk, and buy a chance to “pie” the principal.

“For a dollar you get your name in a fishbowl for a chance to throw a pie in the principal’s face,” Gerson says.

Two chances actually, since Asbury principal and DU alumna Anita Theriot (BA ’79) has agreed to be pied twice in the name of school spirit. While patrons are waiting for the principal to get creamed, there will be games for kids, cooking demonstrations for adults and good food for anyone hungry.

Hours are 5:30–7:30 p.m. and the event is in the south playground area of the school at 1320 E. Asbury Ave. one block north of Evans Avenue between Marion and Lafayette streets.

“We don’t end up making a lot of money on this each year. I wish we could. A lot of what this event is about is community,” Gerson says, noting that as many as 2,000 pupils, parents and neighbors may attend.

PTA members are glad.

“It’s more important than ever for the community to support its schools,” says committee co-chair Colleen Nyhus.

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