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Campus community invited to participate in Bike to Work Day

June 25 is Bike to Work Day, and DU is hoping the campus community applies real mettle to the pedal.

To underscore the wish, a few changes will be in effect:
•    Parking enforcement officers won’t boot or impound bikes that day for not having an official U-lock or for failing to use bike racks;
•    Riders can get free coffee and bagels from 6:30 a.m.–9 a.m. at a breakfast station near Driscoll North; and
•    Prizes including gift certificates and concert tickets will be available to registered participants.

“Metrowide, in the last few years we’ve had upwards of 17,000 people,” says Monica Strobel of Transportation Solutions, a nonprofit that encourages sustainable transportation in southeast Denver.

“I’m guessing we’ll have around 50 [at DU],” she says, adding that the high price of gasoline has increased registrations, so the number of DU participants could rise.

University parking officials caution riders not to lock their bikes to any of the ADA handrails that accompany wheelchair ramps or to blue-light emergency phones. These violations will be strictly enforced, says Chris Meyer, senior parking enforcement officer. Otherwise, bike owners parking improperly will get a flier providing information and outlining the rules.

Meyer says riders can register their bikes at or at the breakfast station on June 25, where U-locks can be purchased for $20 and where bike rack information will be provided. She notes that cables and chains are easily cut, but U-locks or 5/16-inch case-hardened chains aren’t.

“We definitely care about the environment and would like to see more bike use,” Meyer says. She adds that if riders on campus increase, “We’ll buy more racks.”

Supervisors have the authority to allow bikes inside buildings or offices, says Human Resources Director Richard Gartrell, who urges participants to “talk to the boss” ahead of time so policies are clear.

Strobel says it is important to register for Bike to Work Day, which can be done at the Web site for the Denver Regional Council of Governments. The site provides valuable tips on riding in traffic and advice for making a bike trip incident-free.

Forecasters at say June 25 will be partly sunny with light winds, a high of 89 to 90 degrees, a very high ultraviolet index and a 38 percent chance of afternoon thundershowers.

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