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Chelsea Clinton joins actress America Ferrara for campaign event at DU

Chelsea Clinton and actress America Ferrara spoke at an organizing event for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign on Thursday, Sept. 18, in DU’s Anderson Academic Commons. Free and open to the public, the event was attended by DU students, faculty, staff and members of the Denver community.

Ferrara opened by explaining her support for Clinton. “Maybe it’s because I’m an American Latina who has experienced firsthand the inequities that so many children and families face in this country, the inequities that Hillary has spent her entire life trying to understand and change,” she said. Ferrara also emphasized Clinton’s stance on women’s rights, adding, “I have come to know through my own experience that women are underrepresented, disadvantaged and exploited globally, from the halls of power in our country, to back alleys of red-light districts in India.”

Chelsea Clinton spoke next, echoing her mother’s commitment to global women’s rights, as well as recalling her work on college affordability and universal health care. “She was the first secretary of state to create a high-level position for someone at the State Department to just focus on women’s issues,” Clinton said, “and she expected every embassy representing America to know what was happening to girls and women in the countries where they were located.”

After their remarks, Clinton and Ferrara took questions from the audience.

Third-year students Yvonne Pham and Rory Moore were both undecided voters before hearing Clinton and Ferrara speak. “I came to this event because I was torn between Bernie and Hillary. I love Bernie’s aims in terms of socialism, but what I really like about Hillary Clinton — and it was kind of solidified today — is she really is going to make sure that she addresses these aims through Congress,” Moore said.

Pham found the event informative. “I came here not knowing anything about Hillary,” she said. “This event definitely helped me open up my mind.”


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