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Child care task force recommendations approved

Chancellor Robert Coombe has approved several recommendations made by DU’s child care task force, which has been looking into issues faculty, staff and students may face when looking for daycare providers and answers to other family related challenges.

The 18-member committee launched, which serves as a resource to parents. In addition, DU may contract with Qualistar, an organization that provides information and resources to parents looking for daycare options in Denver and surrounding areas. Information regarding Qualistar services is available at the child care Web site.

The task force also suggested creating a Work Options Group Benefit Package that will provide back up child and senior care and will be available to DU employees beginning July 1. The Human Resources department will announce details of the plan in the spring.

Finally, the group suggested more collaboration and communication with the Fisher Early Learning Center in order to keep parents informed about available classroom positions in the center.

The task force was created in January 2006 to review the results from two child care needs surveys regarding child care and related problems facing DU employees and students.

This article originally appeared in The Source, March 2007.

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