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Children to perform Miracle on 34th Street

Nearly 40 children plan to convince audiences that Santa Claus is real in Miracle on 34th Streetat the University of Denver’s Little Theatre beginning Dec. 11.

Anthony Hubert, assistant professor of theatre and co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre (RMCT), describes the tale in which Kris Kringle proves his authenticity to a New York judge as “a timeless classic.”

“It’s a show about hope, faith and believing in something so much it brings it into truth,” Hubert says.

Heather Taylor, 13, will play Doris Walker, the no-nonsense mother who hires Kris Kringle to work at Macy’s but does not want her daughter to believe in Santa.

“She’s a business woman who wants her daughter to be practical,” says Taylor, who’s acted in the RMCT for two years. “I think the story is very relatable. It reminds you to slow down and remember [that] it’s Christmas.”

Actors in the production range in age from 7 to 17.

Performances begin Dec. 11 and run through Dec. 20. Tickets are $12 for children and $14 for adults. For more information, call 303-476-0222 or visit


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