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Class of 2014 among the largest since World War II era

DU had some of its largest first-year classes in the late 1940s when World War II veterans attended college thanks to the GI Bill. While not quite up to those levels, the incoming 2010-11 class is one of the University’s largest ever.  

The class of 2014 has 1,231 full-time, first-year degree-seeking students and 201 first-time transfer students enrolled. Of the 1,210 students in the Fall 2009 first-time first-year cohort, 1,064 — or 87.9 percent — have persisted to week three of Fall 2010. 

At the end of the third week of classes, total enrollment this fall — including undergraduate and graduate students, and students at the Women’s College and University College — is 11,911, which is a 2 percent increase over a year ago.

Third-week numbers are considered final and stand as the official enrollment.

For the fourth consecutive year, DU attracted more Boettcher Scholars compared to other universities in Colorado. DU has 17 first-time, first-year students on Boettcher scholarships. These new arrivals mean DU will have 58 Boettcher scholars in residence. The Boettcher Foundation Scholarship Program is a merit-based statewide competition for Colorado high school students recognizing scholarship, leadership, service and achievement. The Boettcher Foundation awards 40 scholarships each year.


The first-year class is 54 percent female; 46 percent male.

Forty-two percent of first-year students are from Colorado; 51 percent are from out of state; and 7 percent are from outside the United States.

Graduate enrollment increased to 6,409 students from 6,294 last year.

Enrollment of domestic students of color remained stable at 19 percent this year and last year. The number of international students increased from 6 percent to 7 percent. International students hail from 18 different countries. Like the last two years in a row, more are from China than any other country, followed by Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore and United Arab Emirates.

The Women’s College and University College enrollment is down slightly. Enrollment at the Women’s College is 305 compared to 316 last year, and University College decreased from 162 last year to 143 this year. 

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