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Colorado Women’s College looks toward new future

Colorado Women’s College of the University of Denver began this academic year with an eye toward new ways of fulfilling its mission to educate and empower women.

In winter 2014, CWC announced its intention to change its model from a traditional stand-alone college for women. Academic programs and curriculum at the college will continue through the 2015–16 academic year, after which CWC will transition to a new educational support model still in development.

Linda Olson, named CWC interim dean in May 2015, is leading a strategic planning process to define a future path considering a number of opportunities related to women’s educational and workplace access and advancement, leadership development, entrepreneurship, advancement in STE(A)M (science, technology, arts and mathematics) fields, and more.

“While the traditional stand-alone college for women is coming to an end, CWC will be expanding its reach to become even more relevant to the 21st-century educational needs, aspirations and contributions of women at DU and in the world beyond,” Olson says. She adds that faculty and staff members are working closely with current CWC students to complete their degrees. Those unable to complete their coursework at CWC by the end of this academic year will have the opportunity to continue at DU’s University College of professional and continuing studies, through transfers into the same degree programs at the same tuition rate. In addition, CWC will continue special programming this year to provide a supportive educational experience for all enrolled CWC women.

Since making the decision to change CWC’s model, the University has begun stakeholder outreach with various constituents committed to the advancement of women. That outreach and communication will continue this fall, as Olson and her team look to students, alumnae, faculty, DU administration and community constituents to respond to various options being explored for a new CWC.



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