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DU confirms safety of study-abroad students in France

Luc Beaudoin, associate provost at the Office of Internationalization at the University of Denver, said Saturday that DU has confirmed the safety of its study-abroad students in France and elsewhere in Europe.

“Our hearts go out to all in Paris who have suffered from the tragedy that unfolded yesterday. DU has 29 students studying in France this quarter and a total of 412 stationed throughout Europe,” Beaudoin said. “We now know that all DU students studying in Paris and in France are safe, and also that our students that were reported as traveling to Paris this weekend — either by registering their travel or as indicated through their friends or parents —are safe as well.”

“While we are encouraged, it is not yet possible to know if any other students who might have traveled to Paris for the weekend were impacted by the violence,” Beaudoin added. He said the University continues to monitor email, social media and other news.

Members of the DU community who are in Paris are asked to reach out to the Office of International Education at if they have not already done so. The Office of International Education also has set up an event page on its Facebook account.

“We have written to all of our students throughout Europe, and asked that they and others check in with one another and provide support and care,” Beaudoin said. “DU Health and Counseling is also providing 24/7 care and support to those who need it. As we all know, one of the risks of sending students abroad is that they may find themselves in harm’s way. We are proud of our students who navigate stressful and unexpected situations and emerge well-prepared for life as global citizens.”

Beaudoin says that members of the DU community who have concerns about travel or transit to and from Paris may utilize International SOS, DU’s health and safety service. DU’s membership ID is 11BSGC000067.

The State Department has asked that U.S. citizens in Paris who are safe call their families and that those Americans in France needing assistance should call 1-202-501-4444. Americans concerned about loved ones in Paris should call 1-888-407-4747.

Updates on DU students in Paris will come on the DU Twitter page.



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