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DU to host tour of rail-line art


Greg Grove’s mural, Connected, is on display at the Yale Station.

When light-rail passengers travel along Denver’s southeast line, they get a glimpse of artwork at each stop. Now, anyone who wants more than a glimpse can sign up for a one-time guided tour called Art-on-the-Line. 

Sponsored by DU ART!, a support group for DU’sSchool of Art and Art History, Art-on-the-Line begins Nov. 10 at 10:45 a.m. at the University Station (Buchtel Boulevard) light-rail platform. The group will travel to 13 light rail stops, disembarking at several to view the artwork before returning by 2:30 p.m. to University Station. 

The guided tour will include talks by artists Carolyn Braaksma, Ira Sherman and Susan Cooper. Gwen Chanzit, a senior lecturer at DU and curator of the Denver Art Museum’s modern and contemporary art collection will provide commentary.

Among the art is the Bellevue Station piece Thunder Over The Rockies, made with 4,000 roadway reflectors and designed by Richard Elliot.

“I think public art is very important for our country and our culture,” Elliot says. “Ninety percent of the population of our country will never own a piece of art that costs more than a $1,000. For a lot of people, the only place where they will encounter art is in a public place.”

Greg Grove designed Connected, a mural at the Yale Station. 

“It consists of representations of human forms that are sort of intersecting, and within the heads are dreamlike iconic images that are meant to represent dreams and thoughts of people while in transit,” Grove says. 

The event costs $40 and includes a light-rail pass for the event and lunch at FlowerWraps. To register, call 303-871-2846. Space is limited to 30 participants. Free parking will be provided at University Station.

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