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Emergency message system has successful first test

The first University-wide test of the Critical Incident Notification System was a success, according to system administrators. A test message was sent on March 6 to more than 5,000 students, faculty and staff registered for emergency messages.

Last fall, DU became one of the first universities in Colorado to launch an emergency alert system, which is capable of sending text messages to cell phones along with voice messages to cell and landline numbers. An e-mail also is automatically sent to everyone with a DU e-mail account.

“We’ve been testing the system using small groups of people for the past several months,” says Jennifer Kogovsek, loss control manager in the Department of Risk Management. “As we neared the end of the winter quarter, we felt it was a good time to send a test to everyone who has registered.”

Kogovsek says the tests will occur every three months from now on.

The notification system will only be used during an emergency on campus or if the University is closed due to heavy snow. Emergency conditions include a shooting, a fire or a tornado warning. Campus Safety officers will activate the system by sending pre-typed and pre-recorded messages.

Almost 4,300 students, 770 staff, and 225 faculty have registered for emergency messages. Registration is available by logging into MyWeb using a Banner ID, clicking on Personal Information and going to Notification Preferences.

Kogovsek says it’s important to note that Notification Preferences are the numbers used to contact students, staff and faculty in an emergency, and Emergency Contacts are the people DU notifies should something happen to a student, staff or faculty member.

The emergency message system is part of DU’s larger Critical Incident Management Program. Information about the program is available at

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