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High School Shakespeare Quiz

Here is a sample of the questions high school students were asked in the 2009 DPS Shakespeare Festival Challenge Bowl.

The questions cover five categories: Elizabethan England; Famous Quotes; Richard III (this year’s featured play); Shakespeare’s Biography; Shakespeare’s Plays and Theaters.

  1. What did nobles carry around to help relieve the smell in the streets?
  2. In Shakespeare’s time, why would you go to the cooper?
  3. In what Shakespeare play is the following quote: “This was the most unkindest cut of all.”
  4. In what Shakespeare play is the following quote: “Done to death by slanderous tongue was the Hero that here lies.”
  5. In Richard III, what is the conflict between the families of York and Lancaster commonly called?
  6. Is Richard III the protagonist or villain in the play?
  7. Shakespeare acted in his own plays. True or false?
  8. What common “visitor” of Europe at the time reached Stratford in 1564, the year of Shakespeare’s birth?
  9. What did a black flag above the Globe Theater indicate?
  10. What was “the yard”?


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