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Jimmy John’s running hard to reach opening day


At the south end of the five-plex at 2075 S. University Blvd., speedy sandwich-maker Jimmy John’s is sprinting to open by Sept. 1.

The upbeat club and sub hub is in quarters formerly occupied by the Petfitters store in the five-plex next to Mustard’s Last Stand on the west side of University Boulevard just north of Evans Avenue.

The store will be open so many hours, it’ll seem never closed, quips owner Brendan Killian, who has two other stores in Colorado.

“We’ll stay open at least an hour after the bars close for delivery and we’ll open in the morning as soon as the first batch of bread is baked,” he says. “If the lights are on and somebody’s there, come on in.”

Killian says the menu will have the same 17-item array of sandwiches, pickles, cookies and fresh bread as at other Jimmy John’s shops. That’s if he can get all the renovation finished and staff hired. Delivery people or would-be sandwich-makers can inquire at the store at 3001 S. Broadway or call 303-781-6111, he says.

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