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‘K-book’ to provide new way to remember the alma mater

This fall, students will have a new way to commemorate their experiences at the University of Denver.

University officials will introduce the “K-book” at this year’s Pioneer Passage, part of DU’s orientation for first-year and new transfer students. The book will include a breakdown of traditions DU students have upheld over the course of the University’s history. The back of the book will include a weekly planner for students to utilize during their school year as well as empty spaces to arrange their own photographs. Intended as keepsakes, the K-books will be bound in faux-leather.

The K-book refers to the slang term for DU’s Kynewisbok yearbook, which ended publication in 2004.

“It’s more about what you did with your year and what you want to remember,” says Kerrie Rueda, DU’s assistant director of campus activities.

While the K-book does not serve as a replacement for or continuation of the Kynewisbok (pronounced “ka-noo-es-bock”), organizers decided to keep the original nickname used by students. Kynewisbok is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “the royal book of knowledge.” Ammi Hyde proposed the name in 1889.

“We wanted to keep the message the same,” Rueda says. “This will be the book of knowledge for students regarding the traditions here at DU.”

The new K-book is funded by DU’s Undergraduate Student Government. Extra copies of the book will be sold in the DU Bookstore, and University officials envision selecting a theme for each future edition. This year’s theme centers around some of DU’s oldest traditions.

“I think it will better educate students about the traditions here,” says Jim Francescon, president of DU’s Undergraduate Student Government. “It has a lot of potential to take off, and they look good so even I want one.”


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