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Light-rail retail on track

Plans to open retail shops in the RTD parking garage at the University of Denver light-rail station are picking up steam. RTD says it will select a concession management company to come on board in “mid- to late summer.”

Among top priorities for the company is to determine potential retailers for the space and get it filled, says RTD spokesman Scott Reed.

The garage has about 10,000 square feet of rough, unfinished, ground-floor space fronting Buchtel Boulevard.

Under the RMU-30 zoning approved in April, a wide variety of uses is permitted. Among them are: medical or dental offices, repair services, banks, senior or child care centers, a postal facility, library or fire station, and an eating place or market.

As of late June the average weekday use of the four-story parking facility at the station was 275–280 spaces of 541 slots available.

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