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New reading program embarks with ‘Triangle’

A version of the popular reading program, One Book, One Denver, is now at DU.

Penrose Library and the Marsico Book Club designed the annual Marsico Book Club Author Lecture Series for DU students, staff and faculty members. Participants will read the same book, participate in discussion groups and attend an author’s discussion on campus.

“The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to be involved with the same program and to get students more involved with the library,” says Jennifer Sawyer, Penrose Library development director.

The book Triangle: The Fire that Changed America, written by DU alumnus David Von Drehle (BA ’83) was selected as the first book in the program because its issues have a broad appeal for a variety of disciplines on campus. Triangle focuses on one of the worst workplace disasters in New York City, as well as new immigrants’ experiences and how they were used for cheap labor in the garment districts during the early 1900s.

Von Drehle, who writes for the Washington Post, will discuss his book with readers on April 18, noon–1 p.m., in Davis Auditorium.

The student-run Marsico Book Club also will read Triangle this quarter. Von Drehle will meet with the club on April 18, 3 p.m.–4 p.m., in the Mary Reed Building’s Dupont Room.

“When students gather to discuss the book, they engage with the author through the words on the pages. With the author participating in discussions, students will be able to gather insights into what he was thinking,” says Todd Breyfogle, Marsico Book Club faculty adviser.

Anyone interested in participating may begin by reading Triangle, which will be available by the end of January for purchase from Penrose for $10.

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