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New residence hall to offer late-night dining choices

Smart students notwithstanding, there won’t be any Einstein’s in Nagel Hall.

The familiar coffee and breakfast sandwich restaurant previously announced as part of the new residence hall’s food offerings have been replaced. Instead, when Nagel Hall opens in September 2009, it will offer a Daz Bog coffee bar with pastry on the side, says Nori Yamashita, general manager of University Dining Services.

The design and hours for the coffee and pastry emporium are still being worked out, Yamashita says. But they are intended to mesh with a Mexican concept restaurant called Salsa Rico and a Euro-kitchen casserole restaurant offering late-night pizza.

“Midnight to 1 a.m. is the students’ feeding time,” Yamashita points out.

The offerings will make dining in Nagel more of a retail experience than is dining in Nelson Hall or Centennial Halls, though meal and flex plans still can be used.

The food service concepts are to be finalized in the next few weeks as construction of the $39.8 million Nagel Hall proceeds, Yamashita says.

He noted that emphasizing retail food service in Nagel is part of an overall menu revision aimed at providing “smaller meals more often,” Yamashita says.

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