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Shred-a-thon to be ‘hotbed of heave-ho’ for unwanted documents

Those who think “shredding” has more to do with snowboarding than document destruction may not appreciate the community Shred-a-thon coming up. But those with basements and garages full of old bank statements and canceled checks might want to put the morning of May 8 on their calendar.

On that day from 9 a.m.–noon, the Asbury Elementary School parking lot will be a hotbed of heave-ho, a chance to shred, rip, tear and rend those old household and business records and help University Neighbors at the same time.

Last spring, the neighborhood organization held its inaugural Shred-a-thon, says group president Liz Ullman, and the event was such a hit the group decided to do it again.

“University Neighbors does this as a community service and to raise a small amount of money for outreach,” Ullman says. “It’s after tax time and the perfect occasion for shredding your personal papers.”  

To snowboarders, shredding means carving the mountain. To everyone else, it means carving up sensitive documents in a responsible way, since the strips of paper the ProShred Mobile Shredding Truck produces are to be recycled.

FirstBank of Cherry Creek is picking up the cost of the event, but University Neighbors is asking patrons to donate $5 per box of material. A box is as much as will fit into one of the bins on the shredding truck, equivalent to about a 10-ream carton of paper. Participants need not box their material before they arrive nor remove staples, paper clips, files, file folders, hanging files or spiral pads. They should, however, separate out any vinyl, plastic or electronics.  

Asbury Elementary School is at 1320 E. Asbury Ave., one block north of Evans Avenue between Lafayette and Marion streets. For more information, visit or call Barb Steinmeyer at 303-744-3130 or ProShred at 303-730-2500.

University Neighbors is a registered neighborhood organization that represents residents from Buchtel Boulevard to Yale Avenue and from University Boulevard to Downing Street.

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