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Student films debut at annual showcase

The annual “InShort DU Film/ Video Showcase” will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday in Davis Auditorium in Sturm Hall. Illustration: iStock

The Department of Media, Film & Journalism studies will host its annual “InShort DU Film/ Video Showcase” at 7 p.m. Thursday. The event—which is free and open to the public—will be held in Davis Auditorium in Sturm Hall.

The event features five 10-minute narrative films, each produced by a team of three student filmmakers. The showcase alternates between narrative films and documentaries every other year.

“It’s our best year for narrative films,” says Tony Gault, associate professor in the department. Gault co-taught the film class with lecturer Elizabeth Henry.

“An amazing amount of work goes into making a 10-minute film,” Gault says. “It is very difficult to make a seamless narrative where none of the production problems takes you out of the story.”

He said each student filmmaker team produced a narrative film from start to finish.

“They write their own scripts, cast it, find locations, direct and do sound collection, editing and sound mixing,” he says.



The five films to be shown Thursday are:

Into That Good Night – A young man faced with a life-changing diagnosis yearns for acceptance while those around him struggle to do the same. Production team: Aaron Brunhofer, Ty Dockter and Lesley Pahl.
On Such a Winter’s Day – For a mother and son in distress, a single event changes everything. Production team: Vincent De La Torre, Jonathan Feinmann and Robert Hardy.
Shades of Grey – A young girl is obsessed with her teacher, and her best friend attempts to draw her back into reality. Production team: Brian Grill, Alice Ralston and David Stewart.
Volume Up – A charming comedy about a young woman who must defeat her noisy upstairs neighbors before shining at work to win a coveted overseas promotion. Production team: Kacie Henderson, Carly Jerome and Chris Pacheco.
(W)hole – A young man loses his memory and struggles to accept his family. Production team: Paul Gunther, Kevin Keables and Jessica Pearl Salas.




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