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Summer Commencement ceremony marks personal and institutional milestone

“By the power vested in me…”

Beginning with those words, Chancellor Robert Coombe conferred undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees on more than 300 graduates who marched in the University of Denver summer Commencement ceremony Aug. 18 on Carnegie Green. Approximately 150 undergraduates and 550 graduates earned degrees this summer.

Coombe called on graduates to honor the family, friends and faculty who supported them throughout their studies and asked them to reflect on the profound changes in their lives and the life of the University during their time at DU.

“We are so very proud of you,” said Coombe.

Women’s College Dean Michele “Mike” Bloom, who is retiring this year, gave the Commencement address. She celebrated her 13 years as the only dean of the only all-women’s college in the Rocky Mountain region with the milestone of the Women’s College’s 1,000th graduate.

“Can you imagine the lives that have been enriched, careers that have been advanced and families that have new opportunities because of these 1,000 educated women?” she asked.

She likened her personal and professional milestones with those of graduating students by imparting some of the life lessons she learned during her 18 years at DU.

Bloom learned that you cannot predict what will fascinate you. So, she said, stay open to learning that opens new doors and makes you see with “new eyes.” She learned that deep commitment doesn’t come from multitasking, but rather from exploration, reflection and creation. And she learned that working with passion and purpose can bring great joy and satisfaction.

Bloom implored students to keep discovery in their lives, commit fully to their goals and engage their professional lives with purpose and passion.

“Find work in your life that is life work for you,” she said, “not just making a living, but making a life.”

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