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Taste of Languages offers morsels of culture

Prospective students gathered in Sturm Hall’s Lindsay Auditorium Aug. 27 for University College’s sixth annual Taste of Languages event, which encourages interest in modern languages.

The event gives prospective students the opportunity to meet language instructors and attend a 30-minute introductory lesson for a language of their choice while sampling food from another culture.

University College
offers courses for credit and non-credit in 14 modern languages — Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Yiddish.

With 140 registrants this year, it has become one of the most popular informational events University College offers.

“There is a resurgence of interest in language and differences in language,” says University College Dean Jim Davis.

Linda Shoeneman, a 60-year-old Denver-area receptionist, wanted to complete her bachelor’s degree but didn’t know what direction to go until she received a flyer for Taste of Languages in the mail.

“I really thought it was too late to get involved in classes but then there was this,” Shoeneman says.

Shoeneman hopes that learning Spanish will help her find a new career path that incorporates and complements her existing skills and experience.

Others, like dentists Chris and Anne Macri, want to take language courses for personal reasons. Next year the Macris will travel to China to adopt a child. Learning the Chinese language, they believe, will both make their trip more enjoyable and allow them to connect with their child’s heritage.

The Macris chose to look into language courses because they believe it will force them to apply themselves whereas an at-home learning kit, they say, would likely end up in a closet.

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