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TVs top list of dorm room accoutrements

When students move into dorms they bring with them an assortment of survival essentials, remnants from home and electronic distractions. As frequent visitors of dorm rooms, five DU Resident Assistants (RAs) contributed to create a top-10 list of the most popular items in residence halls.

10. Prohibited items
With the RAs otherwise engaged, residents will try to sneak in some prohibited items such as candles and toaster ovens, according to Brian Goo, a third-year RA.

9. Pet fish
Many residents opt for a finned friend — the only pet allowed in the dorms.

8. Speakers
Despite the threat of noise violations, many students feel inclined to amplify their listening experience.

7. Fans

Even in September Denver’s daily temperature can reach upward of 75 degrees making fans a common item, says first-year RA Rashidat Sanni.

6. Coffee makers

Waking up for early classes can be brutal, so many residents brew their own java in the mornings.

5. Video games and DVDs
Students often plug-in to chill out during downtime.

4. Posters

Residents express their individuality and spruce up brick walls.

3. Lamps

Fluorescent lighting just doesn’t cut it for many students, says junior RA Erica Castelo.

2. Photos

As they look to the future, many residents like to have reminders of all the good times past. Pictures also help a dorm room feel more like home, according to second-year RA Nikki Rice.

1. TVs

First-year RA Erik Engelstad has noticed that some students have even upgraded from regular TVs to flat screens.

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