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University to host theater arts summer camps

This summer, DU’s Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre will host a new theater camp for youth ages 6–16. Assistant Professor Anthony Hubert will lead two three-week sessions June 11–29 and July 2–20, during which children will learn and practice putting on a musical show.

“My camps are really an immersion into the creative spirit,” Hubert says.

During the summer camps in Margery Reed Hall, students will learn movement, voice training, acting, dance and art. Each camp will culminate in three performances, in which every child will have a role. The musicals to be performed include 101 Dalmatians, Cinderella, Aladdin and Annie.

Along with Hubert, DU theatre instructors Kim Axline and Janet Erlick round out the staff. So far, 12 students have signed up for each session. Tuition is $745 for one session and $1,395 for both sessions. There are discounts for sibling registrations and for children of DU faculty and staff.

Camp creator has passion for working with youth

Hubert, who joined DU’s theatre department last fall, has instructed youth for more than 20 years.

“Working with youth is not just a responsibility but a passion for me,” Hubert says.

Hubert says he benefited from adults who taught art in the Atlanta projects where he grew up. He credits those volunteers with spurring his passion for art, which led him to become a professional actor, director and artist.

From his first job teaching tennis at 15, Hubert has dedicated himself to teaching youth. He says he teaches 6 year-olds and 60 year-olds the same way: He helps them to access their subconscious, to live viscerally and to realize how to attain their dreams.

Those sound like big plans. But Hubert says he’s done it before.

Protégé credits Hubert for his theater foundation

Max Fabian, 18, is one of Hubert’s protégés. At age 11, Fabian was in a production of Fiddler on the Roof. Hubert led a workshop at the Jewish Community Center and Fabian was hooked.

“I joined up for his conservatory class at the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre and from there it just built,” Fabian says. “He covered the emotional, physical and mental aspects of acting.”

Among Hubert’s teachings, Fabian recalls Hubert leading students in swordplay, reading Shakespeare for hours and infusing his passion for acting in every lesson.

Fabian calls Hubert his “mentor” and says that Hubert helped him make the decision to attend the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt College this fall.

“He’s given me a real foundation,” Fabian says.

For more information about the camps, visit the Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre site or call 303-476-0222.

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