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Zingers to pop up in former Quiznos store

A new restaurant called Zingers is to open in a space near DU formerly occupied by Quizno's

Quiznos is being replaced on South University Boulevard by a chicken, sandwich and chili shop that’s one of a kind.

“It’s the first of many to come,” promises co-owner Dennis Krieger, who plans to open Zingers in the Quiznos location at 2075 S. University Blvd. and possibly franchise the concept. Sometime in July, once renovations are complete, Krieger will open Zingers with his son Max, who in 2009 earned a BSBA from DU’s School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management.

The Kriegers say they want Zingers to be the “anti-franchise,” emphasizing service and “freshness of sauce and service.” But it will also provide a hearty dose of spice, in particular the secret seasoning tossed onto the homemade chicken nuggets and the secret family recipe that comprises the red, green pork and meatless chili. Green Monster Sauce also beckons, the wings provide a litany of flavors with as much “kick” as you wish and even the “13-step cornbread” contains jalapenos.

All of it cooked daily from scratch, says Max Krieger.

“I’ve been a cook my whole life,” Dennis Krieger notes. “I taught Max how to cook when he was a kid. He was cooking five-course dinner parties at age 16.”

Since then, Max notched a hospitality degree at DU and picked up valuable experience in restaurants from Chipotle and Pei-Wei to top steak houses in upstate New York.

Zingers will have a 1960s and 1970s-oriented classic rock environment for its small on-site dining area and hopes to accept orders by iPhone in addition to online, Krieger says.

Hours are 11 a.m.–9 p.m. daily, although later hours are possible on weekends. The restaurant will not serve alcohol.

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