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Editor’s Note

University of Denver Magazine cover fall 2009Did our bright green cover catch your attention? Good. DU has some big sustainability plans afoot, and you should know about them (read “Going Green“).

While it’s cutting its carbon footprint, DU also is aggressively cutting expenses to try to keep tuition prices manageable for students (read “The Rising Cost of College“). We’ve tightened our belts here at the magazine, and even though our unit cost is more than 25 percent lower than that of the average college magazine, we need to trim expenses wherever possible.

That doesn’t mean we plan to stop publishing the magazine. We included a survey with our summer issue, and nearly 100 percent of our respondents reported that the University of Denver Magazine is the No. 1 way they keep up with DU. They also said it’s important that they continue to receive the magazine, and that they prefer to receive it in a printed format.

If you are one of those who don’t mind reading the magazine online, please e-mail us at to unsubscribe from the print edition. Every dollar we save ultimately will benefit our students.

Is the University of Denver Magazine a good investment? According to the survey results so far, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Still, we need to hear from more of you. If you love the magazine and want to ensure it keeps showing up in your mailbox, or if you think we could do things better or differently, let us know by taking our five-minute online survey.

Your feedback is important; we rely on it to shape every aspect of the magazine. Thank you in advance for sharing your views.

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