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Faculty members show off unique collections in art exhibit

Trace Reddell's sci-fi paperbacks. Photo: Wayne Armstrong

A collection of vintage science fiction paperbacks amassed by Trace Reddell, associate professor of media, film and journalism studies at DU, was part of the Faculty Collects exhibit that was on display at the Myhren Gallery in April.

Showcasing the diverse collections of DU faculty and staff, the exhibit included sets of motel keys, airline safety cards, Popsicle sticks, bottle caps, Fiestaware, antique vibrators and more.

“I’ve been collecting sci-fi paperbacks since I was 12, but only a few of those are actually still in this collection, which I’ve gathered up over the last nine years or so,” Reddell says. “This collection is more about the cover art than anything else. I’m interested in the surreal space art more than accurate or nostalgic representations of space technology (rockets, astronautic gear), aliens or planetary surfaces. I particularly like the psychedelic covers from the mid-1960s for this reason, though my favorite in the collection is the Unexpected Dimension book by Algis Budrys.”

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