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I recently received the spring 2006 edition of the University of Denver Magazine, and as an alumna of the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work, I would like to express my true appreciation for the very colorful issue that highlighted many individuals from diverse backgrounds who are making outstanding contributions to the community and are fine representatives of the institution. I look forward to future issues of this nature, and I am especially impressed with the great strides [spotlighted in “Paving the way“] that DU has made with respect to diversity issues and recruiting top-notch administrators, faculty, staff and students of color. Thank you for your efforts!

Cynthia Baron, MSW ’01

DU history

I was looking through the most recent issue of the magazine and was wondering where you found that print that looks back to the DU campus in the 1890s [“DU’s rural roots,” spring 2006]. I would love to get a copy of that print to frame in my house. P.S.: The magazine is beautiful!

Molly McKendry, BSBA ’04

Archivist Steve Fisher responds: The stunning 19th century panoramic view of campus resides in the University Archives. Readers may obtain a copy by contacting me at or 303-871-3428.

Greek life

The spring 2006 University of Denver Magazine contained a strong letter of support from an alum who noted, “It contains reports about the University leadership, dreams, goals, achievements, teachers, students in a whole range of activities … It is a great read!” The managing editor adds to the spirit of DU by noting in her column [“From the editor“] about alumni, “It is about fellowship with other bright, inquisitive, engaging Pioneers, and it is about ensuring the success of future Pioneers through my involvement with current students.” Our DU alumni magazine is very close to the “home run” we all want except for a “but” — not one article on the clubs, organizations and Greek system which go the extra mile for DU every day. All we need now is for our alumni magazine to introduce a student activities corner in each issue where organizations, clubs and the Greek system can share their day-in, day-out contributions to the University and greater Denver community. Then and only then will we have the fellowship our editor seeks. I suspect that 90 percent of our active alumni come from such an organization, club or the Greek system and would welcome this type of course correction.

William Dunham Jr., BA ’72, MPA ’75
Belmont, Mass.

Colorado’s economy

You have my compliments for your article in the spring issue of the University’s magazine reporting on the Colorado Economic Futures Panel [“Colorado’s Economic Future“]. This was a very important piece. I hope it reached the eyes of the legislators in this 2006 session because it is very readable and balanced. I am proud of the University in being a first mover in this extremely important issue, i.e., balancing the powers of the legislature with the constraints of the Constitution. It is a little out of balance right now.

Carl Williams, DU honorary life trustee

Chamberlin Observatory

I want to comment on the interesting article “DU’s bright star” [winter 2005]. We met [former Chamberlin Observatory Director] Edgar “Ed” Everhart when we moved to Bailey, Colo., in 1982. Ed and his wife, Libby, built a home and an open observatory on Slick Mountain in 1971. Later, he built a larger observatory, which he graciously opened for students, fellow faculty and local residents. Ed passed away a number of years ago. Libby now lives in New Jersey.

Laverne Murray, attd. 1945-46, and Edward Murray, MSW ’48
Littleton, Colo.

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