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Matthew Taylor

Primary Area of Expertise

  • Geography of Latin America

Also qualified to speak on topics in the following areas:

  • Latin America
  • War
  • Economics/development
  • GIS
  • Geography/cartography
  • Environmental
  • Immigration
  • Poverty


Prof. Taylor focuses on development in rural areas of Guatemala. Most recently, he worked with return refugee communities on Guatemala’s border with Chiapas, Mexico. He also studies the impact of international migration on Guatemalan land and life — more than $2 billion (U.S.) reaches Guatemala from migrants working in the United States. Other studies include long-term environmental impacts. In December 2003 he retrieved a sediment core from a bog in the mountains of Guatemala that contains a record of human interaction with the environment that stretches back almost 14,000 years. He also is interested in how humans interact with wild animals, and is in the early stages of a project that tracks and documents the interaction of frontier settlers with jaguars (Pantera onca).

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