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Tracy Mott

Primary Area of Expertise

Macroeconomic policy, unemployment, inflation, income distribution, financial markets, interest rates

Also qualified to speak on topics in the following areas:

  • Economics


Prof. Tracy Mott holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford in 1982. He has taught Economics at DU since 1991. Mott’s research is generally concerned with extending the ideas of Michal Kalecki and John Maynard Keynes on the relation of financial considerations to economic activity, with philosophical and doctrine-historical aspects of Kaleckian and Keynesian economics, and with related topics in macroeconomics, monetary economics, and history of economics. In 2005, Mott published “The Dynamics of Capitalist Development: Essays on the Economics of Josef Steindl”(Routledge) with Nina Shapiro, and in 2009, published “Kalecki’s Principle of Increasing Risk and Keynesian Economics” (Routledge). His teaching interests are in the areas of Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, History and Philosophy of Economics, and Alternative Theories of Value and Distribution.

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