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Art exhibit showcases DU women

woman looking at art

DU women showcase their artistic talents in an exhibit at Driscoll Gallery this month. PHOTO BY: Jeff Haessler.

Demonstrating that there is more to themselves than classes and work, DU women present art in the new exhibit “The Multiple Identities and Experiences of DU Women.”

Paintings, drawings, photographs and quilts are just a few of the pieces on display in the Driscoll Gallery this month. Students, faculty and staff from multiple departments and colleges have contributed to the collection.

Struck by the exhibit’s theme, Daniels College of Business Professor Nancy Sampson decided to submit her quilt depicting DU’s skyline. In the quilt, Sampson is able to show the multiple identities of DU and herself. She says that DU women are multi-dimensional and have more in common than they might think.

“We can get so focused on what we are doing that we forget to learn about each other. In my department alone, I have found three women with a shared interest in quilting,” says Sampson.

The exhibit is a prelude to the 2008 Women’s Conference, where women will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and depths, March 7. Established to build relationships and a sense of community, conference organizers also aim to address and explore issues facing women.

The theme — Changing Perceptions, the Many Faces of Feminism — will question the origins of feminism and look at how it has evolved.

The exhibit will be open through Feb. 29 during regular building hours.

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