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Denver Press Club and DU step up to political satire

capitol steps

Audience members will feel the sting of political satire on May 16.

In 1981, several staff members on Capitol Hill decided to break from the House and Senate and form their own group called Capitol Steps. But instead of debating immigration or health care, Capitol Steps’ only policy was to make people laugh at Congress.

The political staff-turned-comedy team has now released 30 albums of satirical music. They perform live around the country and make regular appearances on National Public Radio.

The Denver Press Club is bringing the team to DU.

Capitol Steps will perform at 5 p.m. on May 16 at the Gates Concert Hall. Tickets cost $45.50 and may be purchased at the Newman Center Box Office or through

Listen to a song from Capitol Steps’ newest album, Liberal Shop of Horrors: “Strangers on This Flight”. To see a live performance, visit: “God Bless My SUV”


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