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Graduate makes time for important things

When Kathy Dascher leaves DU in June with a 3.97 GPA and bachelor’s degrees in psychology and biology, she won’t be remembered for her academic achievements alone. Her friends and professors describe her as the most well-rounded and humorous individual they know, who handles dozens of responsibilities and tasks with ease.

“She is very good with time management and has learned how to enjoy both the academic and social realm of life,” says Hadley Anderson, a fellow psychology and biology graduate.

Case in point: During finals week at DU, Dascher not only took and passed all her tests, but also started the physician’s assistant program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and somehow was still able to find time to hang out with friends, visit her family and plan her wedding.

“She has figured how to juggle everything,” says Janette Benson, associate professor of psychology. “During her course-work here, she found time to take a 10-week class to become a certified nurse’s assistant to work with elderly patients. Her family is a large priority, and she’s one of the most balanced people I know.”

Dascher grew up in Northglenn and chose to come to DU because of its cognitive neuroscience program. Since she wasn’t far from home, she was able to maintain a close relationship with her parents and brothers.

“We grew up in a household promoting tolerance, respect and diversity as modeled by our parents,” Dascher says. “We were also taught to challenge societal stereotypes. This is partly because my youngest brother has Down syndrome and has worked very hard to consistently surpass and challenge some of these stereotypes.”

For the past two years, Dascher went to prom with her youngest brother.

“Since we were little, we always enjoyed dancing together,” she says.

Her ability to make those around her feel special and still excel at what she chooses to do sets her apart.

“Kathy is incredibly mature; even her first year she never turned in an assignment late,” Benson says. “She is an unsung hero at DU. She is how we want all our students to be. I’m not exaggerating; she’s the real deal.”

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