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Humor in workplace is part of student’s job

Eva Magdalenski loves to laugh. And that’s perfect — because now she gets to laugh, even at work — especially at work. And oh, what a cool job that is.

Magdalenski, a DU senior who will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business administration on Aug.15, handles publicity at Comedy Works, the local haunt for national comedians.

“I have a passion for jokes and it comes from my Polish family and their heritage,” she says. “Comedy is wonderful. There’s not one person on this earth that doesn’t like to laugh.”

As part of her job, she handles publicity for Josh Blue, a Denverite who won “Last Comic Standing,” an NBC reality show that featured a competition among comedians. Today he performs to sold-out crowds around the country.

“Josh is a total blast to be around and keeps me entertained every second I’m with him,” she says.

Magdalenski, from Evergreen, Colo., says after high school she enrolled in an out-of-state college and took a summer internship working with comedians. She even ended up with a job offer from a comedian. But the school wouldn’t let her take the job and earn a degree at the same time.

Then she discovered DU.

“It felt like I hit the jackpot,” she says. “DU let me work a 45-hour week and earn a degree,” she says. “There’s no other program out there that sets you up for this kind of success.”

Magdalenski’s advice to her fellow students: “Find your passion. Then put every ounce of effort you have behind it and good things will happen.”

[Editor’s note: Eva Magdalenski is a Women’s College student.]

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