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Lamont voice students to perform in Italy

Fourteen voice students from the Lamont School of Music have been accepted to the International Lyric Academy in Viterbo, Italy. The academy provides students with lessons, coaching and multiple performing experiences.

Lamont students were offered key roles in several operas, some performing at the Tuscia Opera Festival, which hosts thousands of opera fans as well as agents from Milan, Naples and Rome.

“Performing in a professional opera house in Italy with an orchestra and maestro… we need roles like this under our belt,” says Scott Merchant, a senior opera student.

Merchant, who was accepted to the academy last year, promoted Lamont to academy organizers.

As a result, company Director Claudio Ferri came to Denver last winter to audition students. Ferri offered several Lamont students contracts and key roles in the company’s performances this summer.

Junior vocal performance major Victoria Fox will be covering the role of the Third Lady in The Magic Flute.

“I’m really looking forward to working with new people and experiencing the Italian culture,” Fox says. “I’ll be making connections with other people who already have a careers in opera.”

Fox, like many of the students, is still trying to raise money to cover the cost of the academy, which charges $4,000–$5,000 per student for lessons, coaching, housing, travel and other items.

Kenneth Cox, chair of Lamont’s vocal department and director of opera theater, has been asked to teach some master classes at the academy.

“I’ll be listening to the students sing and helping them to grow their talents,” Cox says. “The study of singing and the development of an operatic career is a big challenge for anyone. This [is a] chance for our students to gain valuable experience in another culture. Working hard at their craft is very attractive indeed.”

Those who wish to donate should contact the Lamont School of Music at 303-871-6400.

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