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Meyer creates DU team for March of Dimes walk-a-thon

When Brooke Meyer was born she weighed 2 pounds, 7 ounces and was just 16 inches long — 10 weeks premature.

Today, she’s a 5-feet, 4-inch member of the Pioneers women’s basketball team. Even though she’s far from the biggest player on the court, she’s one of the highest scorers on the squad — proof that a tough start in life doesn’t have to linger.

It makes sense that Meyer, a junior international business major, created the DU team for the April 28 walk-a-thon for the March of Dimes, the nonprofit that’s been helping kids overcome tough starts since 1938.

“I decided to put the DU team together with one incentive in mind: To give future premature babies the same chance at life that I have,” Meyer says. “Life is fragile and beautiful. Everyone should have the fighting chance to experience it.”

She knows what she’s talking about. Her head was smaller than a tennis ball and her ears the size of fingernails. And so she could drink, nurses dipped a Q-Tip in water then put it in her mouth.

“And I was born on Friday the 13th, unlucky some might say, but my parents tell me how it was our lucky day,” Meyer says.

Those who know Meyer say they feel lucky.

“Brooke is just the ultimate person,” says Pam Tanner, head coach for the women’s basketball team. “She’s a bright, articulate, positive force for the team and the community — and a great ambassador for DU.”

Meyer says reaching out to those in need “is the most rewarding thing you can experience.”

“It’s absolutely indescribable how much of an impact a few dollars, a few hours and a few good deeds can have on one individual,” she says.

Her goal for the March of Dimes walk was $400. She’s up to $445.

“It’s a blessing that people are donating to such a great cause,” she says. “I have received donations from people I have never met; it’s unbelievable. I thank God for these donors everyday; they might not know how much of an impact they have.”

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