Alumnus takes play seriously

David Sapia (BSBA ’91, MHS ’98) has found a shortcut to health and happiness: “Don’t let your career rule your world.”

Sapia takes his shortcut on a motocross dirt bike — he plays hard and rides harder.

At 45, Sapia admits he’s one of the older riders racing on the dusty and roller-coaster-like Southern California trails near his home in Rancho Mirage, but he’s okay with that.

“I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 8 years old, and unlike many people, I just never gave it up,” he says. “Over the years I grew more interested and it grew into more than a hobby. It’s sort of an obsession at this point.”

Obsession may be the right word. Sapia owns eight motorcycles, and he’s on a track or in the desert nearly every other weekend.

He jokes that he has somehow managed to stay married: “My wife wants me to grow up. Wait until she finds out I just ordered number nine.”

Riding motocross, he says, keeps him in shape and relieves the pressure of working as an executive in the insurance industry. And, “it’s much more exciting than riding a stationary bike.”

He says he rarely crashes, but when he does, “I just go to the doctor, get stitched up and get back on the bike. I also keep a solid supply of Advil on hand at all times. Hot tubs help, too.”

He admits healing takes a little longer now, and he does see a day when “the numbers will come off the bikes” and he’ll just ride for fun with friends. “But I doubt I’ll ever give up riding completely.”

When he’s not on the tracks, he’s either snow or jet skiing or flying planes. Given his zest for life, Sapia seems the perfect man to give this career advice to DU students: “Find a balance and make sure you play as hard as you work. Go make your mark and have fun doing it — it’s that simple.”

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