‘Clark Kent’ alum honored by law school

Craig Joyce (JD ’80), the 2008 Law Star Outstanding Alumni award recipient, donates much of his time toSturm College of Law while heading up a 16-member litigation team at Fairfield and Woods.

If that’s not enough, the family man can name the members of nearly every band, he plays on a water basketball team and he’s a major trivia buff.

“Craig is the trivia expert in our law firm,” says Jim Mulligan of Fairfield and Woods. “He has that fascinating ability to fit all of it in his mind and still practice law.”

Joyce was honored for his service to the University by the Sturm College of Law Alumni Association during the Law Stars Dinner Sept. 24. He has served on the Law Alumni Council, the Alumni Council’s Bar Passage Committee and the Law Stars Dinner committee.

He also supervises and mentors students, volunteering to judge numerous mock trial competitions.

“[The] thing about Craig is that he very quietly gets involved in community,” Mulligan says. “He has great loyalty to the DU law school. He is consistently there when people need him.”

It’s a quality that extends to Joyce’s family as well. His wife Holly and their four children say he’s committed to everything he does.

“My dad is Clark Kent,” says Heather, Craig Joyce’s oldest daughter and a senior at Sturm College of Law. “He was a super laywer by day and at night magically appeared places.”

His family says he has never missed dinner with his family, not once.

“Craig’s always been there for us,” says Holly Joyce. “He’s 100 percent father and 100 percent husband and 100 percent lawyer; he never has skimped in any way in doing what he has to do.”

Above all, Joyce says he loves the profession he has chosen.

“If I weren’t a lawyer, I don’t know what else I’d do,” he says.

The alumni association also honored Dan Muse with the Alumni Professionalism Award and professor Julie Nice with the Robert B. Yegge Excellence in Teaching Award.

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