DU expected to open Wednesday after wintry weather

DU is closed today after a powerful winter storm moving across the country hit Colorado on Monday with ice, snow and cold temperatures.

The University closed late Monday afternoon and is expected to open again on Wednesday. All classes were cancelled and faculty and staff were told not to come in today.

Freezing temperatures and icy, snow-packed roads are expected in the region through mid-week. Most of the eastern half of the state is under a wind chill warning through 6 a.m. Wednesday. Sub-zero temperatures and strong winds will produce dangerous wind chill readings of minus 20–30 degrees through tomorrow.


  1. It is going to be almost as bad on Wednesday … I hope for the sake of the commuter students and faculty that DU stays closed until Thursday. NOAA warns of frostbite in under ten-minutes — that’s cold!

  2. I personally think that DU should close Wednesday as well. I’m a commuter student and know many others who also commute and waiting for the buses-that are often late-is very awful in this cold weather and makes getting to class difficult.

  3. Well, it’s not looking like it’s supposed to be any warmer tomorrow. Honestly, if classes are still being held, I will very carefully weigh my options as to whether or not it’s worth going out in freezing temperatures. That kind of cold is dangerous.

  4. I hope they close. Those temperatures are far too dangerous for people to be out in.

  5. There is no way we will be able to last in the cold. I have to walk across campus all day, let alone driving to school on the ice packed roads.

  6. It was great to see classes cancelled for the day, but Wednesday’s weather forecast is not any better. Do we have any luck of getting a double snow day?

  7. This is ludicrous. Its too cold to go to class.

  8. I’m counting on this……xoxox

  9. So….any chance the university will be closed tomorrow when it’s just as cold??

  10. Are classes going to be held tomorrow?

  11. Can’t wait to walk to class with a -20 degree wind chill!!!!!! Is DU serious?

  12. could you please tell me whether we have class tomorrow or not

  13. Henry Underwood says:

    It is dangerously freezing out sitll. You can catch frostbite if you’re outside with this windchill. The University of Denver should be closed Wednesday, or at least until temperatures aren’t in the negatives. Keep in mind that residents of Centennial Halls and Centennial Towers would have to cross campus if they attend the music school or Olin. That’s a ten to fifteen minute walk.. Very dangerous people!

  14. is school cancled todaY

  15. It’s -17 F ….!!!!

  16. Parker Wiseman says:

    I absolutely agree with the university that closing on tuesday was necessary with the sub zero temperatures and 1 inch of snow, but closing today with colder temperatures would just be absurd. Right?

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