Winter storm closes University of Denver

Due to inclement weather, the University will be closed the afternoon and evening of Jan. 31 and all day and evening on Feb. 1, 2011.

Denver is under a Winter Weather Advisory until midnight tonight, and a wind chill advisory has been issued. Forecasts call for snow to taper off throughout the evening. Low temperatures overnight could reach 10 below, with wind chill readings at 15 to 25 below zero.

Freezing temperatures and icy and snow-packed roads are expected throughout the Denver metro area on Tuesday.


  1. SO…No morning classes ?

  2. Does this include classes at the various graduate programs as well?

  3. Any word on Wednesday? I hear temps can on Wednesday can lead to frostbite within 20 minutes. I have at least four 20 minute walks tomrrow

  4. Will campus be open wed?

  5. My daughter lives at home not on campus and rides the rtd bus to school. does she have to come to class in sub zero weather.

  6. mollycoddle (def.) to close a school of adult higher education because of a forecast temperature of zero, while in Massachusetts, Montana, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and elsewhere in Colorado universities held classes despite subzero temperatures as low as 30 below.

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